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Wayan “Rinduku Bali Tours”


My name is 'Wayan' Gd Darwin. People in the village call me Wayan. I’m a Balinese originally from Kenderan Village, Tegallalang (Ubud). I have been driving guests since 2014 and I have met many people from all over the world since some years before. I really love Bali and I would like to meet people who love Bali. I will be so happy if people who come to Bali feel more in love with this beautiful island. That is why Rinduku Bali Tour is here now.

Years before I became a tour guide, I was only a student of High School who liked to learn about different cultures from different people all over the world. I was feeling brave of talking to strangers with really limited English that time. But the most people I’ve met were so nice and I learned a lot from them about many things. I also tried to share many hings about Bali that I knew and they shared about their cultures. After graduated from high school, I continued to study in University which was purposed to become an English teacher. I had been teaching for six months in a High School, but I felt something missing. I was really missing to meet people from all over the world to see different person everyday. That became a reason also for me to quit teaching and became tour guide. More years to come I met more people and then I decided to meet even more to share what I know about Bali.

I’m so lucky I’m in Bali. And I hope to see you soon in this lovely Paradise.


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